Monday, March 3, 2014

I'm back sitting in the ambulance. We got a fulfilling 2 hours of sleep last night. I am reminded that about how this job can make you wish that you have entered into a more fulfilling job such as septic tank maintenance and repair. I really am counting on the powerball to kick start my professional hunting/fishing career. I feel like I should be a shoe in. I've got good credentials. I know some people how have had some smaller hunting shows and say it can be miserable. My thoughts are if your worst day in the office is hanging a deer stand. You can pretty much scratch that one up in the win column. I've started working out recently and I have been reminded that I am no longer a fire fighter or in that kind of shape. I can run a mile but that second one is not performed at a steady pace to put it lightly. The snow geese are finally gone and it's turkey time. This would be a great weekend to roost butI'm here on this truck. The turkeys are and infant this year due to 2 straight years of good hatches. So I should have plenty of stories of how I epically called a sad daddy in against all odds to take a shot and finally put the relentless monster in my skillet. I have already broke out the ole wood havens and started singing the song of one hens despair. This is the hardest part of the year for me. I mean turkey season is less than 2 weeks away. I am like a kid on Christmas. There is nothing in the world that can equal a thunderous gobble come thru silent calm woods on a foggy morning. My grandfather, mom and uncle got me into I never really had a choice. My dad was a great turkey hunter but he was one of those hunter who could sneak up on them. I am like a bull in a china shop. So I have to rely on mouth calls more that stalking.on the plus side I'm not bad at setting up on them. There are very few people I know who I can't call a bird off of but as far as creeping I am probably the worst person to try this. I guess, I got ok at calling out of necessity.well until boredom sets in again, I bid you adeaux

Sunday, March 2, 2014

I'm at again, this time from the ambulance. This is pretty addicting it's like a journal that let's be honest nobody is going to read. I'm well aware that I'm pretty much talking to myself. I'm ok with it, I'm just no sure if I should be. Well turkey season is almost here and it's time to break out the mouth calls and putt, purr, yelp, cackle, and cluck all the way to and from places. Turkey hunting is really obsessive and I feel like we get robbed on the short seasons. I have never really tried the fall season. Mostly because I like talking to them. I make it fun too. I am not one of those incredibly analytical hunters. I like to play it by ear. Most people I go turkey hunting with once usually try to hunt everyday of the season after that. It's a passion and there is really no other type of hunting that can compare to it. Very few women can understand this. I have concluded that it is pointless to try and explain  My girlfriend has a cool attitude and realizes I love it. So she just doesn't say anything. I mean if she did we would fight just about every day I'm off. I turkey hunt a good bit. The best advice I can give you about calling is go to the woods and listen to the hens. A lot of people over call and it will work on jakes but the big birds are not going to be fooled. I have killed more birds with a simple put and purr than any fighting purr, or cackle. I only use mouth calls and it's best to have multiple options. Turkey's are like us different stroke for different folks. Always be patient turkeys are very over zealous animals. The only time you can really kill them is when they are thinking about the ladies but if it only happened for you once a year I'm pretty sure you would end up full of some copper plated shot too. I've seen people sneak up on Turkey's on TV but in real life I've been busted moving my gun 3 inches. I hunt eastern turkeys which I'm pretty sure are the smartest turkeys in the world. Also on TV they put a lot emphasis on beard length any true turkey hunter will tell you the spurs make the bird.i understand in rocky areas the spurs get worn down but here that's what we are looking at I'll take 2 inch spurs over a 14 inch beard any day. Also another thing is to listen to everyone's advice. You don't know everything and never will. I'll listen to your comments but as I said I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who will see this. I love hearing tricks and trying them. Some work some don't but you'll never know unless you try them . Well anyway, I've said enough for today.

Friday, February 28, 2014

So you really run out of topics pretty fast. I’m pretty much sitting here bored. I really know a lot about is EMS and hunting. EMS is fun but you get little to no respect. I started off as a firefighter and I have to say firefighting was fun but the ambulance pays the bills.  I’m also very much a conservative republican. So that pretty much makes me hate the entitlement thing. I think that if you are of sound mind and body, that you should work. I mean I make pretty good money but I don’t want to pay for your things. I understand Jesus said to help those in need but most of these people are not in need. I don’t want to sound tarnished. I love what I do I just guess it’s like any job it has its good days and bad days. I’ve pretty much done everything you can do in the back of an ambulance. Brought some back for the dead, delivered baby’s, and pretty much any other major intervention I have done it. The only thing that keeps me sane is my beautiful girlfriend and hunting. You have to vent. Sometimes you see things and you cant get them out of your head so you need to do something that will take your mind off of it. Hence the crap load of hunting I do. Heather is a trooper to she doesn’t complain. Unless she is sick and just got released from the hospital, but I did kill the biggest deer I have ever killed that day. I still see it as maybe I shouldn’t have went because she was sick but If I wouldn’t have this beautiful 141 inch wouldn’t be on my wall. She is definitely more important to me that hunting but she was by no means on deaths door. Turkey hunting is a close second. I have taken her hunting with me before. Yeah that was a bad idea she gets cold when the temperature breaks below 72 degrees. She does love to fish and is one of the most patient people there is when it comes to fishing. She probably doesn’t talk about me as much as I talk about her in her blog but I feel it’s relevant later when I start hunting for you to completely understand our relationship. Also you must know that every Christmas so far I’ve gotten something for hunting including 2 guns. I have really been lucky with her but I have tried to let her know it. She has a great family but that is a totally different blog all together

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Alright the second one, here we go. I’m an avid hunter and there is no doubt. I work with a lot of not so avid hunters and they are constantly trying to tell me how to hunt. I was told by my grandpaw to take all the advice you get because the best advice you can have is life experience. I’m just saying have you ever heard of something so absurd that you can’t help but to completely stop listening? I have a partner as my emt basic and he has to be the best at everything. He is a great guy but the lies pile up in there. It just made me think of all the stupid stuff I’ve done like almost once in a lifetime and when I tell people they think I’m lying. The first deer I ever killed with a bow was crazy and nobody believes. I was like 16 and I had my appendix removed the doctor told me not to bow hunt. So naturally I was squirrel hunting. I was in a oak flat by a high line and a saw a deer I could faintly see was a buck. I figured he was coming to the flat I was in and I was only about 2 hundred yards from my jeep. So, I ran back there and grabbed the bow. I ran back as fast as I could to the flat I set up by a big oak tree. Right about 15 minutes later I heard what I thought was the buck blow at me. Well I was discouraged. So I steeped out of the little blind and there was the buck about 15 yards behind me. I drew and panic shot. I didn’t even use the pins. I hit the deer in the back legs in MS we are allowed to use poison and the deer was down in seconds. Well I knew I wasn’t going to be able to drag the deer out of the woods myself so I called my brother in law. It is dark at this point and we used flashlights to find the deer and get out of the woods. I was pumped it was my first bow kill and it was a buck from the ground. I mean I just went full beast mode on my first bow kill. Well my uncles and father were at my grand father’s house which was pretty common thing. We rolled up full of pride and to show them my deer, which we placed in the back of my jeep due to fact my brother in law was in a car. Well I didn’t think that the flashlights and the 22 I was using to hunt squirrels with were back there. None of them believed me and they all thought I had spotlighted the deer. I was crushed and I have pretty much been defending that story ever since

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Here we go, I'm starting this bad boy off. I'm a 30 year old southern guy but I am not one of the guys that is like southern by the grace of God. i have lived other places.I am grateful for the south introducing me to my girlfriend soon to be fiancee. She is the only reason im doing this it is a attempt. to get more views and likes. I am way to competitive. She is great,. i am a paramedic which has no perks whatsoever. I thought it was going to be great but you find out soon that you get judged by everyone.I have even brought a guy back from the dead and he left the hospital 4 days later with no problems at all. he did however go straight and complain that our ambulance took to long to get there. Man, you were dead,  now you are alive. its ok, no need to thank me. you should go ahead and complain, Dick. i do however very much like to hunt. I hunt pretty much anything that moves. Im not a sport hunter either.If i kill it i eat, which is a good thing because as a paramedic you don't get paid in gold bars. My favorite type of hunting is Turkey hunting. I don't want to toot my own horn but im probably the best turkey hunter ever to turkey hunt. Hunting is expensive. i mean you cant go out like a scrub. you need the good stuff, WoodHaven  mouth calls, nitro shotgun shells, and my shotgun its a Remington 887 that my girlfriend Heather got me for Christmas. If you just followed that link Im the guy with the bass. Let me explain about the dog. He is a Chorkie but he has the heart of a lab.i love that little guy. if your not in to the outdoors. I probably wouldn't follow this one.I do play Call of Duty and once again completely not tooting my horn, but me and my buddies are the best at this. Also I'm originally from Louisiana, so if your not a LSU fan you're wrong. I have a rule about friends and you will hear me talk about them. The rule is its better to have a few really close friends, then a lot of aquaintance friends. I am not a English major, so you guys can get over that. The sad thing is that most of my friends are paramedics as well. I will keep the blogs coming, if you do follow Heather as well, be sure if you read something big that happened on her blog, you come read mine to see how it really happened. She may or may not have a flair for the dramatics.